The config file is _config.yml.

Note: In general, you only need to finished configuring the initial config file.

Basic Configuration

Option Description Default
url Site url ""
title Site title. Used by the meta settings of site ""
keywords Site keywords. Used by the meta settings of site ""
description Site description. Used by the meta settings of site ""
author Site author ""
root Site root directory. In general there is no need to set/change this.
If your site is in a subdirectory, such as, set url as and root as /wiki/.
Often set this when using Github Pages - Project
source Directory to store the source files(only support markdown file by now). Modify the default value is not recommended "content"
destination Directory to store the output html files. Modify the default value is not recommended "output"
attach Directory to store the attachment(such as image, compression package, etc.).
This directory will be copied to output/ when do generating, as attach/path/to/file will be copied to output/attach/path/to/file.
This directory doesn't created when init site, if need, you should create it manually. Modify the default value is not recommended
themes_dir Directory to store all the themes. Every theme is a subdirectory. Modify the default value is not recommended "themes"
theme Specified the theme, whose name is the same as directory name under themes_dir "simple2"
category Custom settings of category, such as label(alias name), description, etc. Get by the pages variable. See the example below None
default_ext The default extension when creating a new page "md"
pygments Set true to enable the code lighlight feature true
debug Set true to enable debug mode false

Above only list the global site configuration, view other configuration with corresponding documents:


title: Simiki
keywords: simiki, wiki, python, simple
description: Simiki is a simple static site generator for wiki.
author: Tanky Woo

root: /
source: content
destination: output
themes_dir: themes
theme: cod

  - name: linux  # the category directory name
    label: Linux/运维  # alias name of category, used in index page
  - name: database
    label: 数据库

default_ext: md
pygments: true
debug: false