Directory Structure

The directory structure after initial site by Simiki(do simiki init) looks like this:

├── _config.yml
├── content
├── output
└── themes
    └── simple2

The files/directories description:

File/Directory Description
_config.yml Site Config file. More details are given in Configuration. Extra script, Provide some more extra operation. You need to install Fabric first.
Usage are given in Basic Usage and Deploy
content Directory to store the source files(only support markdown file by now).
Source files classfied by category.
For example, content/linux/ file indicate that the belongs to linux classification.
NOTE: Simiki only support one-level by now.
output Directory to store the output html files generated by Simiki.
Note: The content of this directory is generated by Simiki, with delete operation. Please DO NOT put unrelated and important file under this directory!
themes Directory to store all the themes. Every theme is a subdirectory. Configure the current used theme in _config.yml.